Happy Birthday!
40 Years of IPRONA

IPRONA has been partner of the most successful producers in the field of food, beverage, nutrition and health for the last 40 years. We serve a dynamic, international clientele guaranteeing best quality – always and unconditionally. Our success is based on our core values: steady progress, appreciative cooperation and sense of responsibility.

Building something from scratch is difficult. But it is even more difficult to remain successful in the long term and to secure continuous growth. “IPRONA – The Fruit Company” was founded in 1981. Since then, our company has experienced a huge growth and it hasn’t stopped yet.

Forty years ago, we started producing berry, citrus and tropical concentrates. Then we diversified our product portfolio and started to produce also nutritional red berry extracts of European origin and to offer tailormade compound solutions.

In all these years, we never lost out of sight, that both people and nature are our most valuable resources and need to be treated with respect. This is why a sustainable use of the available resources has always been something we particularly cared about. We are convinced that the well-being of our society is based on the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social and environmental pillar) and have built our company values on them:

Steady Progress
Steady progress determines our corporate governance practices. We use and promote technological progress to increase efficiency and optimize cost structures. This gives us an economic and ecological advantage. A win for IPRONA, but also for our society and the environment.

Appreciative Cooperation
Our personnel policy, the charity we do and our long-standing partnerships with customers and suppliers underline our high level of social responsibility. This commitment is rewarded with excellent staff retention. Employees stay with us for years and their skills, knowledge and experience are the most valuable asset of our company.

Sense of Responsibility
Our mission is "We take the best from nature to provide the best for our clients". So there is no doubt: Only a healthy and intact environment allows us to fulfill our mission. We want to offer the best quality to our partners. That is why it is our duty and our will to preserve and protect nature.

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IPRONA AG developed and markets CherryCraft® European Tart Cherry Extract as a raw material so companies can produce products containing CherryCraft® European Tart Cherry Extract. Because this website can be accessed from anywhere with Internet connectivity, the information presented here is intended for informational purposes only and does not necessarily satisfy regulatory requirements of all countries. IPRONA AG makes no claims regarding the use of the finished products. All manufacturers and distributors with whom we do business are responsible for ensuring that the claims of their products comply with all regulatory requirements in effect in the locations in which their products are marketed and sold.

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